Writer's Block: Open book test
Based on the books on your bookshelf, what conclusions would people draw about you?

Hmmmm, I'm looking at my bookshelf now and thinking the same thing, friends have commented on it as well as my parents. It's a mish mash of cooking books (mainly vegetarian, Indian and Japanese), True crime and historical events (Auschwitz, Nazi, Paul Britton), art theory and practical, gorey horror and random shite which I find in charity shops such as FREAKS OF NATURE and a map book of the UK form the 80's. Oh, and not forgetting my Profanisaurus!

Writer's Block: Good eats
What are your three most and least favorite foods?

mmmm, this is making me hungry just thinking about it.
Favourites (in no order) would have to be...
1: Pretty much anything deep fat fried, I obviously don't eat this much as I know how bad it can be. I just can't resist deep fried battered cheese, fish and chips, deep friend tempura, onion rings and not forgetting scraps!
2: Seafood! Each seafood dish I've eaten I've liked which includes oysters, eel, mussels etc
3:Home made vegetarian lasagne with salad.

Things I just won't touch...
1: Liquorice
2: Aniceed
3: Chicken


Yup, I'm in the process of deleting my old journal and this is my new one.

Goodbye pincussionqueen!


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