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Writer's Block: Good eats
What are your three most and least favorite foods?

mmmm, this is making me hungry just thinking about it.
Favourites (in no order) would have to be...
1: Pretty much anything deep fat fried, I obviously don't eat this much as I know how bad it can be. I just can't resist deep fried battered cheese, fish and chips, deep friend tempura, onion rings and not forgetting scraps!
2: Seafood! Each seafood dish I've eaten I've liked which includes oysters, eel, mussels etc
3:Home made vegetarian lasagne with salad.

Things I just won't touch...
1: Liquorice
2: Aniceed
3: Chicken


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You hate chicken?! How?! I agree that Liquorice and aniseed are foul!

Good calls on the Tempura and seafood, yum! Only recently discovered Tempura!

I suppose that I can't really hate it but as I don't eat a lot of meat people assume that I eat chicken which really annoys me. The only chicken I can remember liking in the past few years was an organic corn-fed little thing which tasted amazing and also what it tasted like when I was little. I hate KFC/ chicken burgers/ kebabs/ curries and dread eating it if someone's gone to the effort to try and make it tasty... which I never think it is.

You are a pretty unusual case, I don't think I know of anyone else who doesn't like chicken who isn't vegetarian!

I think the UK does eat 8 times more chicken than most other European countries, so it IS everywhere!

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